• Construction Takeoffs & Estimating Services

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    Construction Takeoff Services
  • Construction Takeoffs & Estimating Services

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    Construction Takeoff Services

Construction Takeoff Services


Line item by line item detailed takeoffs

Estimating Services

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We have over 40 years of collective construction experience

Wilson Takeoffs has a proven track record of providing accurate and reliable construction takeoff services to different clients. We have a team of skilled and experienced construction estimators that delivers highly accurate and quality construction estimates. We deal with all types and sizes of construction projects ranging from small residential projects to large commercial and industrial projects. We believe in providing comprehensive takeoff services while considering all the factors leading to contingencies.

With the experience of over 40 years in construction estimating services, we are capable of providing suitable material and quantity takeoffs to our valuable customers. As a customer-centric construction estimating company, we strive for the ultimate satisfaction of our customers. Furthermore, we thoroughly fulfill all the requirements of clients in a record turnover time.

If you don’t consult a physician when you need a heart specialist, why not a construction takeoff specialist for your estimates.

We are a construction Takeoff specialist company!

Our Construction Takeoff Services

We deal with all the CSI divisions in terms of construction takeoff services. We have an adept and experienced team of construction estimators for each CSI division. They are also proficient with the latest construction estimating software to serve you the utmost precision and efficiency.

We render comprehensive and accurate material takeoff services to contractors, sub-contractors, owners, architects, and many more. We quantify both building material and labor that improve the efficiency and profit margin of our clients. Our experience and domain knowledge lead us to provide unique solutions for material takeoffs.

We provide Quantity takeoff services to our valuable clients in All CSI divisions, including site work takeoff, masonry takeoff, millwork takeoff, and concrete takeoff. We assist them in chalking out if the project is worth investing money and time. We offer preliminary estimates based on square footage costs for finishes and superstructure projects during quantity takeoffs.

We specialize in checking the facts and eliminating any fluff by assessing the blueprints. We assist our clients with our accurate and precise blueprint takeoff services to uncover the hidden costs and differences in estimates. Our blueprint takeoffs act as a third-party opinion for your construction projects.

Masonry Takeoffs

Our experienced estimators deliver accurate masonry takeoffs to all the contractors involved in residential, commercial, and industrial projects. We provide a detailed masonry takeoff while quantifying concrete block, brick, stone, glazed tiles, facing bricks, architectural precast, marble, precast lentils, precast sills, steel, itemize rebar, wire mesh, anchors, dowels, sill block, lintels, bond beams, stirrups, tie beams, headers, knockouts, etc.

MEP Takeoff Services

We help all the busy contractors involved in the MEP work with our accurate MEP estimating services. We have a dedicated team for mechanical, electrical, and plumbing takeoffs. We provide detailed MEP estimating services while considering each aspect, including HVAC, Sheet Metal, Ductwork, Process Piping, pipe insulation, instrumentation & Controls, etc.

We provide precise concrete takeoffs to all the stakeholders involved in the concrete work. We provide accurate and reliable quantity takeoff to contractors to avoid wastage of material and money. Our concrete estimating services include all concrete work like foundation, footing, slabs, blocks, pavers, driveways, garage, basement takeoffs, parking lots takeoffs, etc.

Painting Takeoff Services

We offer accurate painting takeoffs to painting contractors to evade potential wastage of money and material. We provide the right material takeoffs, man-hours, and labor costs for painting projects of any size and scope. We take thorough care while quantifying coatings, finishes, DTM, glazed and specialized coatings, and proper line item descriptions.

Steel Estimating Services

Steel Estimating/ Detailing

We deliver highly accurate and reliable steel estimating and detailing services to detailing and steel contractors, framers, fabricators, and distributors. In steel takeoffs, we quantify items like Beams, Columns, trusses, castings, railings, gratings, fasteners, joints, anchors & bolts, etc. We can effectively deal with all decks, trusses, fences, stud framing, gratings, joists, and casting.

Drywall Takeoffs

We provide thorough and reliable drywall takeoff services to drywall contractors who are our regular clients. They are in dire need of accurate drywall estimates to quote correct prices to general contractors and suppliers. In drywall takeoffs, we count drywall sheets, Gypsum wall Boards, tape, joint compound, drywall screws, corner beads, labor costs, transportation costs, etc.

Construction Cost Estimating Services

Commercial Estimating and Takeoff Services

Commercial Takeoffs require utmost precision and care to hit on the head of the nail. On the contrary, a slight underestimation or overestimation can result in heavy financial loss. We offer affordable and precise commercial takeoffs to a diverse range of clients. Our list of clients for commercial takeoffs includes general contractors, sub-contractors, commercial Developers, Lenders, Designers, and Architects. Moreover, our commercial takeoffs portfolio includes restaurants, warehouses, airports, theatres, Retail, Educational, Recreational, and hospitality.

Residential Estimating and Takeoff Services

We have in-depth knowledge and extensive experience to deal with a diverse range of commercial takeoffs ranging from single-family residences to our complex multi-apartment buildings. We facilitate Residential contractors, Owners, Architects, and Lenders with comprehensive and accurate residential estimating services. Furthermore, we provide takeoffs for new construction, renovation, remodeling, and home additions residential projects. We thoroughly cover all the aspects of residential takeoffs.

Industrial Estimating and Takeoff Services

Our estimators are well-equipped as well as experienced enough to deal with complex industrial estimating services. Therefore, we offer exhaustive industrial estimating services to the dynamic process and power industry. When it comes to calculating the exact estimates of the industrial project, we provide realistic and accurate cost estimates. We assist industrial contractors right from the design phase to the construction of the industrial project. Our industrial estimating services include Process piping, Instrumentation & Controls, pipeline, Co-generation, Power, Water treatment plants, Oil & Gas, Chemical Production plants.

Civil Takeoffs

Wilson Takeoffs is well versed in offering complete estimates and quantity takeoffs for civil projects. We assist in the estimation of the civil works that need tenders and material costs. We consider all the best practices of project management and overheads to make it cost-effective and efficient. A case in point is our accurate estimation of highways in the state of California.

Our clients

Wilson Takeoffs has the best treatment and services for all our clients. Our experts treat everyone who contacts us with respect and professionalism. We make sure that you have a warm welcome to practical estimates and takesoffs. Our particularly specialise with:

General Contractors Homebuilders
Subcontractors Developer
Remodeling Contractors Architects
Vendors Designers

Why choose us as your construction estimating firm?

We have the following distinct features for which you must choose us as your construction estimating firm:

  • Accuracy
  • Swift Turnaround Time
  • Cost-Effective Solutions
  • Advanced construction estimating software
  • Precise and Efficient Database
  • Labor Cost Calculation
  • Manhour Calculation


Our estimators use advanced technology to ensure accuracy. Our experienced team of estimators uses advanced takeoff software like Planswift, RS Means, etc., to improve the accuracy and remove the ambiguities. Before the delivery, we verify our estimates multiple times to remove errors in them. We also use the Best Project Practice to make our estimates accurate and efficient while ensuring quality.

Swift Turnaround Time

Turnaround time is one of our primary distinctive features as we have a record turnover time of 24-48 hours. Isn’t it a quick delivery? We ensure fast delivery and the effectiveness and accuracy of our construction takeoffs for your projects. Moreover, we also deliver after 24 hours, such as concrete, masonry, painting, drywall, and lumber takeoffs. However, turnaround time may vary due to the complexity and scope of the projects.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Wilson Takeoffs offers affordable rates for construction takeoff services. Generally, we charge $200 for the quantity takeoffs of a specific trade. However, it may vary due to the complexity and scope of your project. In addition, we also offer unique monthly material takeoff packages that can save the expenses of an in-house estimator to the extent of 60%. Therefore, we are offering the most reasonable prices for the construction estimates as compared to the market.

Advanced construction estimating software

Our expert estimators are trained and proficient enough to use the latest construction estimating software such as Planswift, Bluebeam, RS Means, Cost Works, Trimble, Xactimate, FastPIPE, FastDUCT, and Quest Estimating.

Precise and Efficient Database

Wilson Takeoffs has an enormous updated and efficient database to provide you with the best material and labor prices according to the areas. Our skilled estimators ensure precision and accuracy by using RS Means and Craftsman.

Labor Cost Calculation

One of the critical components of our takeoff services is that we also include the cost of labor if our clients demand it, and it plays an influential role in negotiating prices with subcontractors.

Manhour Calculation

Wilson Takeoffs also calculate the required labor manhour estimates to facilitate our distinguished customers.

Your Satisfaction Is Our #1 Priority

“…very impressed by the presentation and dedication that went in to this project…. you don’t find dedication and attention to detail like that in this industry very often, I highly recommend them!”


“Very detailed and highly accurate. We were able to close several jobs and complete them with the right results this month just because of their service. Highly recommended service provider, thank you!!…”


“Everything was done correctly. All of my questions were answered. They were patient with me. Everyone should use this company. The information was very accurate. Overall, I am satisfied.”


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