Building Estimating Services

With the experiences of 20+ plus years, we are providing highly accurate building estimating services to a diverse range of clients. We deal with various clients such as general contractors, subcontractors, vendors, remodeling contractors, engineering firms, architects, and developers. From building material takeoffs to quantity to material takeoffs , we provide a complete range of building estimates. We focus on the quality and accuracy of building estimating services to enjoy the maximum trust of our valuable clients. Therefore, our building takeoff services are widely regarded as most precise and reliable by our valuable clients.

Building Quantity Takeoff Services

At Wilson Takeoffs , we guarantee the accuracy of building takeoff services. Our building cost estimators are trained and skilled enough to offer precise quantity takeoff services in a record turnover time. We ensure the detailed and correct number of material required for the building and deliver Quantity takeoffs for all the CSI divisions. It assists our clients to save their money by avoiding potential wastage of material.

Building Lumber Takeoff Services

Wilson Takeoffs is a reliable and affordable platform for building lumber takeoff services. If you are a framing contractor and looking for a time-saving and cost-saving lumber estimator, we are at your disposal. We have the best and skilled team of lumber cost estimators with extensive experience in wood framing estimations. We have a diverse range of clientele to whom we offer inexpensive and accurate building lumber takeoff services. We assist house framing contractors, framers, and carpenters by providing low-cost lumber estimates by our wood estimator.

Building Material Takeoff Services

Our experience and domain knowledge lead us to provide unique solutions for building material takeoffs. We quantify material for all the construction trades. Our building material takeoffs enable clients to increase their efficiency, productivity, and profitability. Building material takeoff is one of the critical parts of building estimating services and building takeoff services.

Hence. We render building material takeoff services to every type and size of a building project. We have been dealing with single-family housing and multi-family residential build-outs, remodeling, and new buildings of large commercial and residential construction projects.

Building Concrete Estimating Services

We strive hard to provide accurate and detailed building concrete estimating services to all of our clients. We offer full-spectrum building estimating services for division-3 trades to general contractors, concrete contractors, asphalt contractors, foundation contractors, vendors, and pavers. Our estimation services for division 3 trades include concrete pavement, sidewalk, driveway, retaining walls, waterproofing, parking lots, flatwork, basement, concrete foundation, concrete curbs, concrete slabs, etc.

Building MEP Estimating Services

We have the exposure and skills to provide high quality building takeoff services. Therefore, we render reliable and accurate building MEP estimating services that can let you bid more and win more. We have a very smooth and reliable building estimating process for building estimating services. We have a dedicated team for plumbing takeoff, mechanical takeoff and electrical takeoff. We are aware of the fact that specialized trades need a special team. Apart from this, we have an updated database to let you know the best location-based prices. Our building estimators are also efficient with RSmeans to give you exact estimates of material and labor costs. Our exposure and skills lead us to assist our clients with greater accuracy and efficiency.

Building Masonry Estimating Services

We provide comprehensive building masonry estimating services to ensure their accuracy and reliability. We look into every facet of the project while preparing building masonry takeoffs for our customers . We quantify everything required for masonry takeoffs with specifics and descriptions. We facilitate masonry contractors, general contractors, masonry repair contractors, developers, and builders by providing the correct quantities of CMU wall, masonry block, brick, mortar, rebar, and other material required for the CSI Division 04 Masonry trade. A case in point is to calculate the number of bricks while excluding windows and doors. Isn’t it an arduous task? With conviction, it is an energy-consuming and hectic task.So, Wilson Takeoffs is at your disposal for every type of building takeoff services.

Our Scope Of Building Estimating Services

We have a professional and experienced team of building cost estimators who can handle any size and type of building cost estimates. We have sufficient experience to deal with building estimating projects ranging from small single-family residential projects to large and complex residential, commercial and industrial building estimating projects. Following are some of the significant areas of our building estimating services:

Residential Building Takeoffs

Whether it’s a single family home or a big multi-apartment building, we have the skills and experience to handle it. This service provides precise and thorough residential building estimates for homeowners, building owners, architects and lenders. We offer building takeoff services for the residential projects such as new construction, renovation, remodeling, and house additions. When it comes to residential takeoffs, we are the best options in the market.

Commercial Building Takeoffs

Commercial building estimates necessitate extreme accuracy and attention to detail in order to succeed. Even a small miscalculation might lead to a significant financial loss. We provide precise and affordable commercial building takeoffs to a wide spectrum of customers such as general contractors, subcontractors, commercial developers, lenders, designers, and architects. Besides this, restaurants, warehouses, theatres and retail establishments, educational, recreational, and hospitality-related establishments are part of our commercial building takeoff portfolio.

Industrial Building Takeoffs

To cope with industrial building estimating services of any complexity, our building cost estimators are well-equipped and skilled. Therefore our industrial building estimates cover the dynamic process and energy industries completely. If you’re looking for practical and reliable building cost estimates for your industrial project, go no further than us! Construction companies rely on us from the conceptualization stage to completion. We have supplied comprehensive and accurate takeoffs to chemical, oil and gas production facilities.

Why are we the right choice for building estimates?

We have a record turnover time of 24-48 hours for building estimates. Isn’t it a mind-blowing quick delivery? So, if you are a busy drywall contractor, you can consult us to get prompt building estimates. Our customer support is working 24/7 to facilitate you around the clock.

If we talk about pricing, Wilson Takeoffs provides the most affordable prices as compared to the market. Furthermore, we deliver the most accurate building takeoff services that are easy to understand and modify.

We have an unprecedented bid-hit ratio of more than 92%. We assist our clients in filing appropriate bids to secure more jobs with more significant profit- margins.

Our building estimators comply with all the international standards to make your building estimates accurate and reliable.

How we prepare accurate building cost estimates?

We begin by evaluating the client’s drawings, technical specs, and other data.
Then we import the designs and execute on-screen takeoff to quantify each component based on size and type. This whole process is done by using advanced software like Planswift.

When finished, the building estimator exports all the quantities to EXCEL sheets and organizes them by systems, phases, or cost codes according to the requirement.

For pricing, our building cost estimators use RSMeans and our business connections with distributors and suppliers. Alternatively, we can work with existing supplier quotes for the ease of clients.

Man Hours for each item are computed to ensure the accuracy of labor costs that is another important constituent of building estimating services.

Our lead building estimator double-checks the final building cost estimate for accuracy. We incorporate overheads and earnings as requested by our clients and prepare your bid proposal for submission. We ensure privacy and transparency for building takeoff services.