Challenges Faced in Modular Construction Practices

Construction today holds various models, practices, and methods. Moreover, various constituents and ingredients are needed which varies to a great extent. You can have details about constituents through construction estimating services. (Check our services as a valuable option for these). Among them stands the practice of modular construction. The practice is quite beneficial in various ways (this is a topic for another time) for you as a contractor, project owner, and others. But it also comes with various challenges for you.

The article will discuss these challenges.

What is Modular Construction?

The practice of construction in which components of the aggregate structure are prepared off-site and taken to the site for assembly and installation is modular construction. In this practice part of the overall projects are assembled at some industry and then transported to the site. All of this is carried out with great precision up until the installation phase.

Challenges Faced in Modular Construction

During the whole process, everyone involved had to face various challenges. These include:

Cannot be used outside of their capacities

In this type of construction, the outcome is heavily dependent on the already-crafted modules. These modules are crafted with a certain capacity. This capacity includes both the dimensions and the weight-bearing limit. The modules are bound to their capacity and cannot be used otherwise. This leads to the need for new acquisitions for bigger capacity.

Repairing is almost impossible

Since everything is precast under specially created conditions creating them at the site is impossible. The conditions at the factory unit are controlled through various factors, facilitates, and devices. Having them at the construction site is impossible. Thus, if a module gets damaged it is a waste in most of the cases. Thus, utmost care is needed during modular construction.

Modification and alteration are out of the question

Similar to repairing, modification, and alterations are impossible once the modules are made. For the same reasons that the required conditions cannot be created on-site, the modules can only be used as per the decided capacity. Any sort of attempt can lead to loss of the material and turn it into waste. This can be particularly problematic in the case of a change in the design of the project.

Assembly needs to be precise

The modules are combined into a specific design with precision. This is a delicate task and at times possessing it is a challenge. It needs to be perfect, smooth, safe, and steady while even a little mistake can lead to material damage. The material damage can then badly affect the work with possible workplace accidents, budgeting problems, and other issues for the process.

Installation needs to be precise

Like assembly, installation too is delicate and can cause problems. Once the modules are assembled, they are installed in the set location of the project. This is even more delicate and tricky than assembly as even more variables come into play. These include precise location, the space to install adjacent assemblies, the weight of the assembly, and others. Although mistakes in installation cause material damage as in assembly, the loss in this case is far worse.

It is a machinery-dominant practice

Construction practices have different proportions of machinery and laborers to carry out the project and deliver the outcome. Modular construction requires more machinery as compared to other practices. Finding suitable machinery in this regard can be a challenge for the contractors and others. Not having the precise machinery can create problems for the project and the materials.

Storing modules require large storage

Modules are bigger than normal construction materials. As a result, they require bigger storage at the manufacturing plant and at the construction site as well. It needs to be enough otherwise the modules can get damaged and lose their functionality while being in storage. It is important as they also require air, sometimes sunlight, and intactness from the outside world. This can be a great challenge for the process and fruitful completion.

Providing proper care is difficult

As storage is a problem/challenge, so is carrying for them whence a big storage is organized. The modules are prone to damage and deterioration despite being in storage or on-site. The modules required proper care to keep them in appropriate condition. This can be a challenge as the modules themselves are big and need the care appropriately.

Transporting modules is very difficult

The modules are big as earlier discussed and thus require bigger transport like storage. This transport should be enough to contain them and transport them to the required safely. All of this necessitates that the modules are properly placed, bound, and stuffed with proper safety material while loading. Moreover, the transport should be enough to bear them intact by keeping them safe from all sorts of damage. This is a huge challenge and can cause great damage. 

The chances of construction accidents are more

While there is a great chance of material damage because of various reasons, such as practice can also lead to accidents. These accidents could include a wide range of construction site problems such as breakage, injuries, falling, and others. These are mainly because of the size and the weight of the modules. As a result, averting these becomes a challenge.

These are some of the major challenges while untaxing modular construction practice.


Among the various construction practices, modular construction is a great option. It includes prepared/crafted modules as constituents to assemble and install construction projects. This practice comes with various benefits but at the same time various challenges too. Some of these challenges are presented in the article. If you are looking to utilize this you can contact us and benefit from our expertise in this. We also offer construction takeoff services to understand the right sort of acquisition.