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You live in The Land of Sunshine and Opportunity, California which is home to 38 million Americans. The state consists of more than 450 cities with highly dense and utterly vacated areas. Living in densely populated cities like LA is one thing, building a new home is completely another. It is a fast-moving market in the golden west. But if you want to build anything anywhere in the whole state it is best that you have an idea about the material before you go in to build something.

Wilson Takeoffs provide construction takeoff services everywhere in the state of California. We lodge experts in our firm. These experts are well familiar with the local conditions as well as the routine round up of material necessary for construction in California. They provide a vast range of clients for these takeoff services.

Benefit from our construction takeoff services and accomplish your project with sophistication

Perks of Availing Wilson Quantity Takeoff Services

Wilson Takeoffs has hired a team of professionals to prepare quantity takeoff services. Because of their experience and habit of paying deep consideration to details and requests of their clients, they are able to pull off some extra things as a bonus with the service. These bonus ones would be:

  • Quick respond to your quote and readying the takeoff in 24-48 hours
  • Rates that lay less strain on your finances
  • Material required are presented in clear details
  • In case you are a professional contractor they offer monthly takeoff packages
  • For the same manner their estimate provides a high chance of winning bids
  • They tend to customers 24/7
  • Only the experts Professionals carried out the takeoff procedure

We Cover Division of CSI in these Material Takeoff Services

With our diverse and vast team of professionals we offer takeoffs in CSI Divisions like:

  • Concrete
  • Plumbing
  • Lumber
  • Electrical
  • Finishing
  • Insulation
  • Sitework
  • Thermal/Moisture

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Clients We Work with in the State of California

Takeoffs are important for everyone related to construction. They help in easing the process and management of the project as well. From one end to the other the list of takeoff customers covers quite a sum. Clients whom we provide our construction takeoff services are:


You are building something but to do that you are hiring contractors. Although it is actually contractors’ pain to get the information about the requirements, but to make sure that he didn’t swindle you in making money or constructs a weak structure it is best that you too know the requirement so you can rightly decide the contractor and appropriately monitor his working


Architects are wonderful individuals who make designs for their employees. They need to know everything about the proposed design to make the project successful and make changes or changes if needed. The best way to know and do that is by having construction takeoff services.


Ones who actually carry out the job are the contractors. While the contraction is their bread and butter they need to perform at the best utilization and management to gain and maintain their reputation in the market. To do that it is safest to have the detail of every requirement. So that the information in turn allows them to perform satisfactory work, resultantly gaining them good reviews and ratings.


Ones that stand a bridge between contractors and construction are the vendors. They handle orders for material and their reputation in the market can get seriously damaged if the quality and the amount of material they are offering is not up to the requirement. If they in order to avoid the trouble get quantity takeoff services, they will know the updated trends and current requirements in the markets.

Our Practice of Providing Quantity Takeoff Services

We keep our best interest in our clients and hope to offer them the best services possible. For that our professionals fully understand the design you send them along with other details like locality and markets.

Use that information in software like Planswift, BlueBeam and Trimble etc. and with the combination they come up with the takeoff of your required structure.

After devising their readings, they deliver quantity takeoff service to the customer in Excel spreadsheet in CSI or format as per demand.

Blueprint Takeoff Services We Are Providing

We offer blueprint takeoff services in all the major and minor cities of California. These takeoffs are envaulted just off the blueprints provided by customers. The services Wilson Takeoffs provide are as follow:

Metal Takeoff Services San Francisco, California

Metalwork like steel has an enormous use in construction in California. Many prominent structures are made out of it. In other words, steel stands as a main pillar of building structures. These structures are very essential in matters like integrity and properties. Anything that goes below the average can have disastrous consequences. Metal takeoff services handle problems and help accomplish intended results.

Electrical Takeoff Services San Diego California

No such structure can give your exception when it comes to electricity. It stands as one of the essential mechanisms that constitutes human lives. Same as its need stands its delicacy. A miscalculation can possibly damage and fry the whole thing. To avoid that, it is best to have electrical takeoff services, which cover every electrical related item from simple fuse and wires to complex voltage regulating devices.

Sitework Takeoff Services Apple Valley, California

California is mostly deserts. The land is less likely to be in favor of construction. So, to prepare that land for building a lot of sitework is required. This sitework lays the foundation of the building and the grantee of the lasting integrity. Sitework takeoff provides the wholesome information for the sitework and ease the physical labor.

Lumber Takeoff Services Stockton California

Wood looks even more stunning to look at and praise than steel and concrete. With the rising trend of making tall buildings out of wood. Wood is even more delicate and demands more care for preserving and using. To help get the lumber in the right amount and quality lumber takeoff services play a great portion.

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Among the 38 million inhabitants of California divided in the vast human settlements. These settlements include; Los Angeles, San Diego, Fremont, San Jose, Lancaster, Torrance, San Francisco, Ontario, Fresno, Irvine, Long Beach, Anaheim, Oakland, Bakersfield, Stockton, Hayward, Riverside, Pomona and more.

How to avail our takeoff services?

Upload Your Design

Put your design onto the portal on our website. We accept designs from our clients in pdf and in links to cloud storage.

Have the Quote

After we receive your design, we will send you the quote for the service. We accept payment through PayPal, credit and debit card. After you complete the transaction, our team gets on with your design.

Receive Takeoff

In 24-48 hours, you receive the detailed takeoff. We deliver takeoffs in the form of Excel spreadsheet as CSI or in the format demanded.

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