How Can You Overcome Construction Labor Shortage for Timely Completion?

Construction projects are built by adhering to some set estimated completion time. Adhering to it requires that every component includes work at its optimum capacity. This also comprises the labor force and their efficient contribution. It needs to be sufficient in every manner and becomes a problem as there is a shortage. Contractors and construction companies need to find out about the optimum quantity of labor and then arrange it. To find out this they can have construction takeoff services. to have them they can contact us. While it can sabotage and devastate the project, it can be handled to keep the progress at the right pace.

To understand it, the article will discuss the position of labor and how to manage it in the case of a shortage.

What is the position/role of labor in the construction process?  

Labor is one of the few major components of construction i.e., machinery & materials in addition to labor. It occupies the central role in the whole construction process. This is due to the role i.e., utilizing the machinery & installing materials. 

In this, their expertise is vital for the work done. Through it, the intended project and its outcome are achieved. But to have the right outcome, labor needs to be in the right capacity. 

The labor shortage in this regard can be extremely grave for the construction project. It can devastate the process and in order to keep it intact certain efforts are needed.

How to manage the shortage of labor?

There can be various reasons for the shortage of labor. But no matter the reason, this shortage needs to be handled. Some of the common ways to handle it include:

Hire the gap

This applies if a vast amount of the labor force has run away and a large supply still exists. In this case, you can hire the required individuals to cover up the damage. This would include finding individuals with the right skill set. All of this will consume vital time for hiring and consume money. Nonetheless, the final outcome of timely completion is achieved.

Train the available labor

If there is no supply available in the locality and even far, new labor cannot be hired. To compensate for this, you can train the available labor force to make them more efficient. This training can make them carry out additional tasks and cover for the gap. This also covers the time halt and slowness of the process to provide speedy working.

Motivate your available labor 

In the case of a labor shortage and no supply available, the available labor needs more motivation than before. Due to the shortage, the workload increases on the remaining labor force. As a result, the remaining labor force has to work more than before. This requires motivation from time to time so that they do not get overwhelmed with the workload and carry out the tasks within the set time.

Adjust working hours

Similar to motivating, irreplaceable labor shortage needs working hours adjustment. This is similar to motivating them for extra work. In this, working hours are adjusted so that available labor is able to carry out the work and complete it within the estimated completion time. This adjustment also requires some motivation additionally. Also make sure that the timetable does not violate the legal concerns.

Find new solutions for the work

In addition to alterations such as working hours and motivating laborers to work more efficiently, you need to look for other solutions. These solutions should be centered around finding a new roadmap and set of activities to efficiently complete the work in the decided time. These could include missing some breaks, bypassing, or carrying out activities parallel to each other.

Acquire or rent out machinery and tool

Although machinery and tools do not compensate for a human’s involvement in construction activities, they can lessen the need and effort of the human labor force. Thus, you need to arrange special ones for this. This way, it compensates much for the shortage and delivers the required outcome. Still, with these, a little training is needed as laborers normally do not have the skill for the special tools.

Encourage discipline among the force

Construction processes are highly prone to irregularities and unscheduled breaks. These can devastate progress and delay completion. To keep that from happening is more important in the case of labor shortage. This way, the progress is at the pace of the new planning and should be able to reach completion in due time.

Stretch them with additional roles

To solve these problems related to shortage requires giving available laborer roles additionally. This way, the individuals know what they need to do to complete the project in the estimated time. This prepares them mentally and gets them to make the arrangements necessary for the task. This also helps them with progress in their career. 

Give available labor promotions

The ones who have not left you or were the only ones found in the market deserve some rewards. This is also because laborers are given additional roles and work. Among these rewards are promotions within the ranks. This makes them feel elevated and motivated to work and in turn, deliver the effects. Furthermore, the rank helps them in the future and helps them in getting better jobs.

Give them higher wages

Various of these effects include burdening the existing labor force. Therefore, they need to be properly compensated. This compensation is not complete without giving them the proper wages. As the burden increases, their wages should be increased accordingly. It automatically covers the need for motivation like promoting (ranks) and facilitating completion in time.


These are some of the ways you can overcome the shortage of labor. 


Among the aggregate components of the construction progress, the labor force is highly vital. To have the right outcome at the right time, all of these need to be in the right capacity. If that is not the case, it badly affects the progress. Particularly if the labor is in shortage, it can delay the work and its completion to a great extent. This is due to the position/role of labor in the process. Still, you can overcome it through different means and efforts. The article discusses these to help contractors, project managers, and project owners.