MEP Estimating Services

At Wilson Takeoffs, we are determined to assist our clients in increasing their profitability and efficiency with the help of our precise MEP estimating services. Our reliable and accurate MEP estimates can let you bid more and win more with a more significant profit percentage. We have a very smooth and reliable estimation process, as we have an updated database to let you know the best location-based prices. Our estimators are also efficient with RSmeans to give you exact estimates of material and labor costs. Our exposure and skills lead us to assist our clients with greater accuracy and efficiency. In addition, we use the latest MEP estimating software to remove ambiguities and improve accuracy. That is how our MEP takeoff services hit on the head of the nail.

Our Frequent clients for MEP Estimates

General Contractors, MEP Contractors, Electrical Contractors, Mechanical Contractors, Plumbing & Piping Contractors, Insulation Contractors, Instrumentation Contractors, Fireproofing Contractors, Manufacturers, Installers, Distributors, Vendors and Designers

Mechanical Estimating Services

Wilson Takeoffs provides a complete range of mechanical estimating services like mechanical piping estimating, mechanical & piping insulation estimating, HVAC & ductwork estimating, mechanical piping fabrication estimating, mechanical drafting services, and many more MEP services.

We transform your mechanical drawings into accurate mechanical takeoffs & estimates containing all the equipment, fixtures & fittings counts with man-hours, total material & labor costs, overheads, profit margins, etc.

The most frequent clients are piping contractors, plumbing contractors, HVAC contractors, general contractors, mechanical contractors, piping & duct fabricators, and engineering design firms. The latter approach us for quick and accurate mechanical estimating services.

Electrical Estimating and Takeoff Services

Wilson Takeoffs offers a full spectrum of electrical estimating and takeoff services from the primitive stage to the finishing phase of a project. As a leading firm with a skilled team of electrical estimators, we handle all the electrical trades from low-voltage to instrumentation and control takeoffs with detail and precision.

Our MEP estimating team is consisting of electronic engineers, electrical estimators, and industry professionals that are expert in estimating all scopes of electrical systems takeoffs and quantifying all the components like conduits, light fixtures, fittings, gears, panels, transistors, wirings, fuses, switches, low voltage devices, etc.

Electrical Contractors, Low Voltage Contractors, HVAC Contractors, General Contractors, Instrumentation Contractors, Instrumentation & Control Systems Technicians, Electricians, Electrical Vendors, Architects, Designers, EPC Contractors.

Plumbing Estimating Services

Wilson Takeoffs offers quick plumbing estimating services to all the busy contractors involved in maintaining and installing the water supply system, pumps, and waste removal systems. We have adequate experience and field knowledge to provide you with the most reliable and accurate plumbing takeoffs.

Wilson Takeoffs is a plumbing estimating company with experience of over 20. In this period, we have dealt with a diverse range of contractors, including General Contractors, Piping, Plumbing, Mechanical and Insulation Contractors, and Designers. Furthermore, we have worked on projects ranging from small houses to large commercial and industrial projects.

Whether you need a plumbing estimate for a new installation, repair, or retrofits, we are experts in estimating all plumbing systems from simple domestic to integrated and complicated commercial & industrial projects.

Our exposure and skills lead us to assist our clients with greater accuracy and efficiency. In addition, we use the latest plumbing estimation software to remove ambiguities and improve accuracy. That is how our plumbing takeoffs hit on the head of the nail.

Our Scope Of MEP Estimating Services

Commercial MEP Estimating

Commercial MEP Projects require a greater extent of accuracy in estimates due to their complexity and size. Therefore, it is tough for a commercial MEP contractor to meet the given timeframe for the work and have a reasonable profit margin due to work overload. Moreover, you can never prepare an estimate as accurately as a professional mechanical, electrical and plumbing cost estimator can prepare. Therefore, just outsource your commercial plumbing takeoffs in order to increase your profitability and efficiency.

We have an updated database for zip-based pricing to provide you with reliable and accurate material and labor costs. Furthermore, we provide complete assistance in the bidding procedure to let you have the lion’s share in the profit margin.

We offer services for new installation as well as repair for plumbing systems of multistoried office buildings, shopping malls, apartment complexes, highrises, hospitals, schools, universities, research labs, etc.

Residential MEP Estimating

Wilson Takeoffs deliver residential MEP estimating services regardless of the size and scope of the residential MEP projects. Our residential MEP takeoff services are a great source of improving residential MEP contractors’ profit margins and efficiency.

Our bidding estimates, labor cost, material cost, and material and labor takeoffs ensure the completion of the work on time with a hefty profit margin.

Industrial MEP Estimating

Wilson Takeoffs has a team of experienced and skilled MEP cost estimators that can deal with complex industrial MEP projects. Furthermore, we can quantify properly each component required for the installation or maintenance of the plumbing system. For instance, we quantify pipe, fittings, fixtures, flanges, valves, accessories, and equipment, and it ensures the correct prediction of the material cost.

We have delivered our MEP takeoff and estimating services for all sizes and scopes of industrial MEP projects. We have worked for piping and plumbing projects in Refinery, Power plants, Wastewater treatment plants, Food and beverage, Brewing plants, Chemical processing, CO-Generation, and Paper mills.

How can outsourcing MEP Estimating Services revolutionize your work?

  • Proficient with advanced ductwork estimating software
  • Customer-centric duct takeoff company
  • Reliable and accurate duct estimating services
  • Comprehensive ductwork takeoff sheet
  • Speedy Turnaround time of 24-48 hours
  • Affordable and market competitive prices
  • The bid-hit ratio of more than 92%
  • Flexible monthly subscription plans for ductwork estimations
  • Cut your extra costs by not hiring full-time ductwork estimators and buying expensive construction estimating software
  • Value Engineering Services
  • Accurate Construction Database
  • Customized Services
  • Understanding of various duct shapes and their applications

How do our MEP estimators produce MEP Estimates?

  1. Our MEP cost estimators begin by reviewing the project scope and studying the drawing plans and requirements to break down numerous components involved in the project.
  2. Second, we import all the drawings and plan using MEP estimating software to quantify material and labor costs using the click and drop method.
  3. After executing the on-screen takeoff, we export the amounts to EXCEL spreadsheets and categorize them by MasterFormat, Uniformat, or your format.
  4. We use our precise cost database and RSMeans to apply up-to-date and location-based material costs for material pricing. On-demand vendor pricing is also accessible.
  5. Labor costs are calculated using union and prevailing wage rates, as well as regular time and overtime.
  6. All elements such as general conditions, permissions, logistics, location, and so on, and additional hidden costs are considered.
  7. Finally, the senior estimator performs a double check to confirm the quality of the deliverables.

MEP Estimating Software For MEP Takeoffs

We use the most advanced MEP estimating software for MEP takeoffs such as FastPIPE, FastDUCT, FastWRAP, Planswift, Bluebeam, Trimble, Xactimate, QPlant and QPipe.