Takeoff Services We Provide

We offer our takeoff services for both purposes. If a client requests takeoff service for a renovation project, then we treat his design for just innovation and if he asks the service for some construction purpose . Our expert estimators provide details according to construction requirements.

We provide estimates of structures made from any and every construction material. Whether it is structure made out of concrete blocks or wooden walls and even ones made with steel bars are dealt with at Wilson Takeoffs.

At Wilson Takeoffs all sorts of buildings from low-rise, high-rise, sky-rise to supertall are estimated. No matter which scope and size of your project is, we got it covered.

Our expert takeoff specialists are very familiar with both residential and commercial construction. They know about the requirements of both and thus they use their understanding while composing the estimate. Same goes for the industrial projects.

Cost is a significant factor in deciding between projects and contractors. Because of its significance we offer cost estimating services along with preliminary estimates and bidding assistance.

We deal in every CSI Division and provide the relevant takeoff service. So, if you are looking for any particular takeoff services, reach us without any worry. We have a considerable team of takeoff specialists that are familiar with the CSI Divisions and provide the takeoff service in them with the best accurate details.

Our estimators are highly experienced and familiar with design up to such a stage where they can make sense out of rough and incomplete designs. So, if in case your design is lacking constituent details don’t hold up. Send us your design and we have got it all covered.

Our Client Dealing

We offer quite an easy interface to our clients. Once you are on our website all you have to do is send us the plans or drawings of the construction project you are going to build.

As you upload your design our estimators get to it and offer a quote according to the scope of the project. After you agree on our quote you are given an invoice of our estimating service. After the payment, our expert estimators get right to it.

Our expert estimators keep themselves updated about the market and employ the latest techniques in estimating anything. In delivering the final estimate they utilize the latest CSI MasterFormat or as per your request.

Payment Policies at Wilson Takeoffs

We charge for our takeoff services as per the size and scope. Our estimators will study the design you have sent and then you are provided a quote for our estimating service.

We only charge as per size and scope. In case a major change is made in the design, it can affect the charges of the services.

We send invoice as QuickBooks Invoice and PayPal Invoice. You can use any of the two for payment. Also, we accept payments through credit and debit cards.

Information We Require from You

Anyone who contacts us through chat, call or email is asked about name, email, contact number as per the requirement to help in better communicating. This information is shared with no one and kept intact with us.

We have no link with any 3rd party and we don’t provide the information, we have of our clients, to anyone.

We use secure QuickBooks for invoicing that keep you information private from every intruder.