Preliminary Estimating Services

You are planning to build something but you are stuck somewhere 30%, 60% or 90% completion in your design. For such circumstances preliminary estimating services jump in. These services utilize preliminary designs to help construction related individuals in understanding the possible outcome of that design by providing them with estimated cost from just the incomplete design.

Preliminary estimates work in wonderful ways. Like it helps with deciding whether to go for the project or not along with budgeting concerns. In this manner it also facilitates multiple other things for construction.

To facilitate people with such services Wilson Takeoffs offer them to people all over America, Australia, Canada and the Caribbean.

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Our Past Experiences with Preliminary Estimating Services

Our estimators are experienced and have worked on Preliminary designs for quite a long time. Through their experience they have become equipped about the working of compiling preliminary estimating services.

By making good use of their expertise and up-to-date knowledge about construction they have made wonderful preliminary estimates. Go to our samples page and have a look at our previous estimates.

Our Clients for Preliminary Estimates

Preliminary estimates are important as they help in understanding any construction project way before the design to pursue the project or not.

Imagine someone had an idea all of sudden without any certainty, which you later convert into a design. This design can be a great success for your business or resident but you are uncertain whether to go for it or not. Same happens if you are asked to give your professional opinion on some incomplete design. Examples like these require something other than the ordinary construction estimating services. Then comes in the need of preliminary estimating services.

Since anyone can come across such a situation every individual who is somehow related is a client. At Wilson Takeoffs we be of service of clients:

  • Industrial plant owner
  • Engineers/Designers
  • Investors
  • Construction Companies
  • Subcontractors
  • General Contractors

Services We Provide to Our Clients

We regard our customers with a high regard and tend to their needs. Because of that regard we have learnt a lot about them and range services just to keep them contented with us. Whenever some concerned contacts us we provide him not just the usual preliminary estimate but also facilitate him with these services:

  • Once provided us your preliminary design is rapidly responded
  • Cost is estimated with accuracy as per the zip code of the project area
  • Our preliminary cost estimators ensure that cost is properly presented with details
  • You have any query our agents are availed 24/7 on our portals
  • Even if it looks hard, we will still deliver you the final estimate within 24-48 hours

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How We Estimate Requirements from Your Preliminary Design?

Preliminary designs can be about 30%, 60%, 90% completion. Preliminary estimates are highly beneficial but then the question raises how are preliminary estimates taken or how can an incomplete design stand as able to get the complete estimate. To do that we opt these practices:

  • Design lacking details will be compared with older design with complete details and with the help of that design will be considered.
  • Material and labor requirements will be estimated as per the compared details.
  • Type and size of the design will be considered as a crucial factor for deciding cost of material and labor.
  • Prices in the future with regard to material and cost will be measured to contain the fact that the design is far from actual implication.

Thus, forming preliminary estimates from preliminary designs.

Our Up-to-the-Minute Means of Doing So

We utilize the best digital estimating softwares for our preliminary estimates to cover every detail. Our frequently used softwares include:

  • Planswift
  • FastWRAP
  • Trimble
  • FastDUCT
  • FastPIPE
  • Bluebeam

Cost is estimated per square feet or square meter through databases such as RS Means and Craftsmen.

How Wilson Takeoffs Provide Best Preliminary Estimates?

At Wilson Takeoffs preliminary estimates are accumulated with precision. Our services provide the fitting answer to what are preliminary estimates or what functions preliminary estimates perform.

Rough Order Magnitude Estimate

Our services ensure that you get the most realistic picture of what your design can possibly become, So, you can take the right decision about whether or not to pursue the design in hand. Contains cost accuracy of -50% to +50%.

Ballpark Estimate

Just based on drawings and specifications you can have estimated cost to define scope of the project. Contains cost accuracy of 20%.

Budget Estimate

In case you are happy with the prospect your design holds for your intent. Informing you about the cost of major components of construction. Also come with details about material and labor cost. Contains cost accuracy of -10% to +25%.

Definitive Estimate

If you are looking to go for the project and desire detailed information. With the help of already developed plans, we can give you estimated costs of detailed items. Contains cost accuracy of -5% to +15%

Let Us Worry About Your Concerns, Get our Preliminary Takeoff Services

Send Us Your Design

You have an unfinished design in your hand which you like to check for feasibility. Come right up and send the file or provide us with the link to some cloud storage.

Receive the Quote

After going through the design, you will be given the quote for your preliminary design and later you will be provided with the complete invoice.

Get Estimate

After the payment is made as per the invoice, our estimators will ready the final estimate in 24-48 hours. We deliver invoice in the latest CSI Masterformat or in the format requested.

Our preliminary estimates are provided to customers in America, Caribbean, Canada and Australia. Notably our services are popular in Georgia, Kansas, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Maine, Arizona, Louisiana, Alabama, Missouri, Hawaii, Minnesota, North Carolina, Nevada, Virginia, Iowa, Texas, Florida, Mississippi and New York.