Mr. Jayde S. Wilson had been a successful prime contractor in Brooklyn, New York for two decades. Over the years in his construction practice he learned quite a lot about his work. With time he realized that contractors encounter troubles in placing timely bids. Same problem was found in knowing materials, labor and cost for successful construction. To counter this troublesome condition, he started developing skills in estimating requirements prior to the actual work.

This proved vital as his estimating skills improved with time. With time he realized that with designs-appropriated estimating services construction procedures became more simple, safe and efficient. Upon this realization he founded Wilson Takeoffs in 1981 to provide estimating services to the neighboring districts of New York City.

As Wilson family continues to provide estimating services over the years, Wilson Takeoffs have gained quite a hefty cluster of satisfied customers. During this time the firm Wilson takeoffs is transferred to its third generation as the young Edward S. Wilson presently sits as the president of the company.

In the leadership of Mr. Edward Wilson, the company has taken some game changing turns. Mr. Edward holds a degree majoring in Civil Technology from College of Engineering Technology Rochester NY. As the chief estimator of Wilson Takeoff Mr. Edward oversees every requested estimate. More than that Wilson Takeoffs has hired a specific team of MEP estimators to provide the best satisfactory estimating services for their clients.